Beard Transplant

Beard and mustache transplantation is one of the methods applied by people who have problems with beards and mustaches, sparseness in mustaches and beards, and regional falling outs.. beard and mustache transplantation is done.

There are points where beard and mustache transplantation is different from hair transplantation. These; Single roots should be selected from the donor areas, and beard or mustache transplantation should be performed. Multiple roots should never be used. Attention should be paid to the channel angle and the angle should be in a horizontal form. Careful attention should be paid to the direction of the roots one by one. One of the points that should be emphasized is that beard and mustache transplantation is a sensitive procedure, so the operation should be divided into two separate days for planting 2000 grafts and above.

After Beard and Mustache Transplantation
After the beard and mustache transplantation operation, the recovery process is easy, and the crusts and redness that occur after the transplantation process pass between 7-10 days. The full recovery period is after the 10th day. There is no problem in shortening the beards and mustaches with scissors or, vice versa, lengthening them 15 days after transplantation.

Shaving should be done 1 month after planting in order for the roots to adhere well. After a period of 1-2 months after planting, sudden mustaches on the beards start to grow again 2 months after planting.