Breast Augmentation


Breast prosthesis surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and last for one hour. In breast prosthesis surgeries, it is important to choose the right prosthesis for the patient and to use the appropriate surgical technique. 

In line with the patient’s request, the physician determines the correct prosthesis selection and surgical technique.  

Many factors affect breast surgeries. These factors; the muscle structure of the breast, whether it can be placed under the muscle or above the muscle, whether there is more or less breast tissue or none, whether there is breast asymmetry, whether the shoulder structure is narrow or wide, whether the patient’s neck is long or short, the breast shape and size the patient wants. All these factors determine how the breast surgery will be performed. 

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    After the surgery, the patient’s hospitalization period is one day. She is called for a follow-up on the 3-5th day after discharge. Although the prostheses used are under lifetime guarantee, it should be kept in mind that the shape of the breast may change due to the shape of the breast, the patient’s weight gain and loss, the change in tissue elasticity with advancing age and gravity exposure.  

    Breast prosthesis surgeries do not damage the milk ducts, it is possible to have children afterwards and it does not prevent breastfeeding.



    1- Liquid foods are taken 4 hours after the operation. 6 hours later, with the onset of bowel movements, light foods are taken and nutrition is started.   

    2- It is normal to feel pain after surgery and pain is controlled with painkillers. 

    3- After the surgery, the recommended medications are used regularly, one box at a time.  

    4- In the first four days after the surgery, especially tension, edema and discoloration are felt intensely. It is useful to rest during this period. After the first week, these changes gradually begin to decrease. 

    5- It is important to wear a corset continuously for the first month.  

    6- It is necessary to sleep on your back for the first month.  

    7- Excessive physical activity and heavy sports should be avoided for one month after the surgery.  

    8- It is ensured that the wound remains dry and clean by taking a shower 10 days after the operation.  

    9- The stitches used in the surgery do not need to be removed because they are dissolving stitches. 

    10- Drugs or foods that increase bleeding should not be taken for 10 days after surgery (green tea, lemon). 

    11- After one week, you can return to work life, provided that it is not desk-based or heavy.  

    12- Can drive a vehicle one week after the operation.  

    13- One and a half months after the operation, sunbathing, sauna use and solarium use are allowed.  

    14- Sports such as swimming, fitness, tennis can be started two months after surgery 

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