Breast Lifting – Mastopexia

It is a surgical procedure to rebalance sagging breasts. In these operations, nipples are moved to where they should be. The breast tissue is shaped according to the body. If the breasts are large, the excess tissue is removed and if it is small , it is supported with a silicone prosthesis. performed with magnification.

Big breasts might be effected by the gravity, weight gain, pregnancy
Breastfeeding and aging .All of them may cause sagging in breasts. In addition to the aesthetic appearance,, neck, back and shoulder pains negatively affect our health by causing permanent disorders in the spine over time. Since mammary glands are not removed in breast reduction surgeries, the operation does not affect breastfeeding in the following years.

Breast lift with prosthesis

In the operation, when the existing breast tissue of the person is not enough, it is often applied to add volume to the upper area of ​​the breast.