J Plasma

J Plasma is a device that instantly stretches, rejuvenates and tightens the subdermal layer of the skin with cold plasma energy in any part of the face and body.

In Colorado, USA, Dr. Developed by Jack Zamora, J-Plazty ™ is a minimally invasive state-of-the-art device that can be used for facial and body youth. It is a technology approved by the FDA.

What is Plasma Energy?
As a result of the combination of helium gas with radiofrequency energy, it is converted into plasma energy. Plasma energy also tightens the connective tissues under the skin. J Plasma energy is cooler than laser energies. In this way, the tissue does not cause burns. The shrinkage that may occur on the skin does not cause irregularities called corrugation. In other words, it is a safe technology with a low risk of tissue damage.

What are the Advantages of J Plasma?
Applicable to face, neck and body
Absence of large scars and incisions as skin removal is not performed in the applied area
Provides fast healing process
Having a safe app
Obtaining natural-looking results without exaggeration.
Homogeneous appearance on the skin surface as it will not cause burns under the skin