PRP Treatment

Beautiful And Smooth Skin With Golden Needle Fractional

Skin health, which is one of the issues that people, especially women, pay the most attention throughout their lives, is tried to be protected by developing new application methods every day with the efforts they give to make people look better and fresher. The face, which can be seen constantly by other people in daily life, is An area that people meticulously focus on in skin health.

Although face is the area that attracts the most attention, the faces of the people are also among the areas that are exposed to the most traceable effects. The face area, which is constantly threats due to effects that  number of possible sunburns, pimples and acne, is an area where problems such as premature aging and wrinkles occur most easily, and it becomes extremely important to show the necessary care and sensitivity to the face.

Getting Rid of Facial Skin Problems

Many methods have been used to protect or hide facial features, which are especially important for women, and the make-up industry, one of the largest sectors in the world, has emerged. Make-up methods that can temporarily cover facial scars or problems cannot find their place in the literature as a treatment method.

Apart from the methods that people can provide temporarily, the main treatment methods applied are also offered to the people by the medical world. Golden Needle Fractional Radio Frequency and PRP treatments, which are applied to those who want to have a smooth and younger face free of acne and acne scars, are mostly enough to meet the needs of individuals.

How is Fractional Radio Frequency and PRP Application with Gold Needle?

Fractional Radio Frequency and PRP with Golden Needle, which are the methods implemented for the rejuvenation and renewal of the skin, trigger the renewal and smoothing of the skin by enabling the skin to produce the collagen faster. The method, which is started by reducing the sensation with numbing creams applied to the face half an hour before the treatment starts, is applied for an average of 20-30 minutes.

It is done over 3 sessions in a period of approximately one month, allows people to have the facial features they want in a short time. For the continuity of the desired result, a single-session application  is added to the package after 1 year of treatment. Thanks to this method, which is extremely simple to apply, various facial problems are successfully eliminated.